St. James' Episcopal Church
Goshen, Indiana

Our 158th Year

Saturday, September 29, 2007


St. James Weekly - September 30, 2007

St. James Weekly
September 30, 2007

Jesus Christ for me, not a name, nor a memory or tradition, nor an idea or sentiment, nor a personification, but a living and personal reality, presence, and power. –William Procher DuBose

Dear Friends:

All of us have lost a person very close. Be it 20 years ago or only two months – we still mourn their/our loss. Pray that the good memories of this person will sustain us, and that God’s love and mercy will comfort us. ###

Goshen College no longer provides churches with student names (privacy act). So, I have written a letter to the 4 Episcopal and 4 Anglican students, and the College will distribute them. A copy of this letter is on the bulletin board beside Dave’s office in Latta Hall, if you would like to read it. I hope we get some student response! ###

The microphone-audio system will be installed in the nave/choir this coming week. ###

We need pantry items – please give when and what you can. ###

Confirmation Classes (also for those who have already been confirmed for a refresher course) will begin today after Mass at 10:45 A.M. led by Chuck Wicks. Please try to attend. ###

Jimmy’s Place: We had a great time last Sunday evening with 18 kids and 3 adult sponsors from St. James’ Cathedral in South Bend. Our own Clayton Zollinger was in attendance, too. ###

Jimmy’s Place: We could use a used refrigerator to store pop and candy bars. If you have one around the house collecting “whatever” – that you’d like to donate to Jimmy’s Place – please let Dave know. ###

Jane Swartley has joined the 5:55 Saturday evening Eucharist service planning committee. Thank you, Jane! ###

Cheese ball Factory: Assembly begins this Wednesday evening at 6:30 P.M. Please join us for fun, fellowship, plastic gloves that pull the hairs and skin on your arms and hands, and for the lingering smell of garlic permeating your sinuses. (I think Mary Lou will be smiling.). ###

I email each issue of the Weekly to various friends of the Parish, former parishioners, non-regulars, parishioners who I know will be out of town on a particular week, and others. Also, if you know of someone you will be visiting in the coming week, (shut in or others), take a copy for them.

Also, if you know of anyone who would like to receive the Weekly via email, please let Dave S. know – providing their name and email address. (Dave Zollinger also puts each Weekly issue on our church web site). ###

Check out Saturday’s Goshen News “Episcopal” church listing for a recently revised listing for Saint James’. It also begins in the Elkhart Truth on Fridays. ###

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Clayton Zollinger is our ☼ (this is the best star I could find!) GHS freshman football player – git’ um’ Clayton!!! ###

Annie Swartley “texted” her mother (Jane) to tell her she had received an 84% on her first French exam! ###

Sarah Taft reports that Howard continues to improve each day. Praise God! ###

Next week’s Weekly will provide information about who we are actually targeting for the 5:55 Saturday evening Eucharist service, and ways you can help provide leads. ###

Hug a ♫ musician ♫ today! ###


Dave Swartley
Director of Parish Services & Jimmy’s Place

Come Harvest Time

Verse 1: Planted by God in a field without worth, we are but seeds in His eyes. So he nurtures with grace, and His hands work the earth, that His fruit may be sanctified – come harvest time.

Chorus: Come harvest time, what thanksgiving we will show, when the plowman brings freedom from the earth here below; come harvest time, O what joy will be known, when He gathers the souls of the seeds He has sewn.

Verse 2: So when doubt dries the land or the cold war winds blow, or the floods of indifference rise; O the roots that faith grew will keep us strong, till our last sunset leaves the sky – come harvest time.

Chorus: repeat. ###

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