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Our 158th Year

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Good Neighbors

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Phyllis is seen entering the front door of "The Hattle".

St. James isn't the only building in the neighborhood that has been getting some work done recently. The former Lincoln Hotel, now renamed "The Hattle", which is located just across the alley immediately west of the parish property, had been in an almost constant state of decline for years. Then, in the fall of 2006, the community redevelopment organization known as "LaCasa" purchased the property and began a massive rehabilitation project. The former hotel was transformed into apartments, and the building completely renovated, while still preserving as much of the original antique beauty of the structure as possible.
That project is now complete and last Sunday, April the 22nd, LaCasa held a community open house at The Hattle. Several parishioners from St. James made their way over to view the building following the 10:00 AM service. Everyone who went agreed that the transformation is almost unbelievable.
We would like to say thank you to everyone at LaCasa for making such an improvement to the neighborhood. The work that you do, enabling people to find quality housing and improve the quality of their lives, is truly a blessing for our community.
To find out more about what LaCasa does for our community you can visit their website here: LaCasa

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Clayton, Phyllis, Katie, and Lisa checking out one of the apartments at The Hattle.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


All About St. James'

Who Are We?
St. James' Episcopal Church, Goshen, Indiana, is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana. Our diocese is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, and our Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Sparks
Our pastor is Fr. Larry Biller who says, “God has placed me here to serve, not to be served”.
Fr. Biller’s hours at St. James’ during the week are Tuesday morning and all day Thursday for pastoral care and other duties. He is also available at any time for home visits, for sickness and hospital visits, and help whenever needed.
You can reach the St. James Parish office at 574-533-4984.
We at St. James believe in upholding the faith and traditions of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which is made up of over 70 million members. The Episcopal Church USA, part of that worldwide Anglican Communion, has over 2.3 million members in 100 dioceses nationwide.
Most people would probably use the word "traditional" to describe our 11:00 AM Sunday morning service. We use Rite I from the Book of Common Prayer, and we even sing the Lord's Prayer instead of reciting it. If you would like to experience worship in a beautiful, full, and traditional liturgy, visit St. James.
We welcome everyone to come and visit us at St. James.
For more information you can contact our parish office at 574-533-4984.

If I visit, what can I expect?
Where can I park?
There is a parking lot located in the rear of the building which can be reached from Lincoln Avenue. Signs will direct you to the sanctuary from there. If you have trouble with steps, consider parking along 6th Street in front of the church.
Then what?
You will be greeted at the entrance to the sanctuary by a member of the parish who will help you get oriented. They will give you a service leaflet, and answer any questions that you have. Please take a moment to sign our guest register as well.
What is the service like?
The Mass, or Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, begins with an opening procession, followed by prayers. Then lessons are read by members of the congregation. Following the lessons everyone stands as the celebrant reads the Gospel lesson. Following the Gospel the celebrant gives a sermon. After the sermon we affirm out faith with the words of the Nicene Creed. Then we all take a moment to greet each other, in an act known as "passing the peace". Following the peace an offering is taken. Visitors should not feel obligated to contribute to the offering, as you are a guest. After the offering the celebrant and acolytes prepare the altar for communion. After everyone makes their communion there is one more prayer, then the service ends with an ending procession.
There are usually 3 or 4 hymns sung during the service.
The red "Book of Common Prayer" that is found in every pew contains the order of service, and the blue hymnal has the hymns. If you're not sure what to do, when to stand or when to kneel, or can't find your place in the books, that's okay. It can be complicated at first. Just ask anyone nearby. They will be glad to help.
If I'm Not A Member Of The Church May I Take Communion?
All baptized Christians—no matter age or denomination—are welcome to receive communion at St. James'.
Visitors who are not baptized Christians are welcome to come forward during the Communion to receive a blessing from the celebrant.
Detailed instructions for doing so will be found in the service leaflet that you receive when you visit, so that you may feel at ease when you come forward.
It all sounds complicated. I'm not sure what to think.
The liturgy of a traditional Episcopal Church, while beautiful, can seem to be. But don't worry about that. Because that's not the reason that we are here. We are here to worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and to love each another as He loved us. Beyond that, everything else is secondary. The best way to find out about St. James' is to come and experience traditional worship in our warm, caring atmosphere. We will be happy to see you!

How Can I Serve?
You might find yourself asking, "If I decide to attend St. James', are there ways to find my own, personal, ministry?" The answer to that question is "yes!".
Many ways to serve can be found at St. James'. We serve Him through the act of worship. We serve each other through acts of fellowship, kindness, and pastoral care. We serve everyone around us with the annual Angel Tree of Giving and many other charity projects.
Listed below are just a few of the ways you can serve.

Vestry - The Vestry looks after the material welfare of the church.
Acolytes & Crucifers - Acolytes and Crucifers assist the Priest during the service.
Altar Guild - The Altar Guild prepares the altar with linens and flowers.
Christian Education - Teach a class or assist with planning and organization.
Finance Committee - Plans the budget and stewardship campaigns.
Greeters - Welcome people when they arrive for services, help visitors become acquainted with the church.
Pastoral Care - Visiting those who cannot attend church, providing transportation, delivering flowers, and more.
Parish Life - Plans social activities for the parish. Have fun!
Property Committee - Doing minor repair and maintenance work around the parish.

There are many more, and we are constantly looking for new ways to help others.


Fr. Lansford Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Ordination at St. James

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Mary Lansford and Father Theron Lansford
at St. James. Sunday April 22, 2007.

Theron Lansford wasn't always a priest. Prior to his ordination, Fr. Lansford was the Dean of Tri State University in Angola, Indiana. Besides being the Dean he was also a Professor of Psychology, Professor of Philosophy, and served as the school's fencing coach. But, as Fr. Lansford puts it, he “needed something to do on Sundays”.
Fr. Lansford’s wife, Mary, says that although her husband had been feeling the call for some time, it was Bishop Kline (then the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Indiana) who convinced Fr. Lansford that he should answer the call.
Theron Lansford was ordained to the ministry by Bishop Kline at Holy Family Episcopal Church in Angola, Indiana, on April 22nd, 1972. Incidentally he was the last priest ever ordained by Bishop Kline.
Fr. Lansford says he wasn't ordained to be a rector, but rather to help parishes around the diocese. That is exactly what he has done for 35 years. He has served the congregations of Holy Family in Angola, St. Anne’s in Warsaw, St. Andrew’s in Valparaiso, and Christ The King in Huntington as either Priest-in-Charge or Interim at various times. He has also served as supply clergy everywhere else in the diocese. Father and Mary once spent 4 days of Holy Week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) celebrating 8 services in 6 cities. They lived in their camper while they traveled.
The Lansfords now make their home in Fort Wayne, but Fr. Lansford is still serving the congregations of the diocese, most recently here at St. James. We are most thankful for his ministry, are very pleased that Fr. Lansford and Mary were with us on such a happy occasion.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Saint Anselm of Canterbury

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St. Anselm of Canterbury
Image © 2007 Nash Ford Publishing.
Used by Permission.

April 21st marks the feast of Saint Anselm of Canterbury. Anselm was born in Italy about the year 1033. He was a philosopher and theologian,
who held the office of Archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to 1109. He died on April 21, 1109.

Lectionary for Today: Feast of St. Anselm

Learn more about the life of St. Anselm of Canterbury:

Bio from Early Britsh Kingdoms: St. Anselm
Wikipedia entry: St. Anselm
Stanford University Website Bio: St. Anselm

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today is April 19, The Feast of St. Alphege

© Nash Ford Publishing 2001
St. Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr 19 April 1012.
The image is from David Nash Ford's excellent website called Early British Kingdoms.
You can reach the website by clicking on the image.

Today marks the feast of St. Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, who became a Martyr in 1012. Alphege had been taken by marauding Vikings and held for ransom, which was a common practice in those days. In fact, several other officials had been taken at the same time as Alphege. But unlike the others who had been ransomed and released, Alphege refused make to make the already overburdened people pay any more for his release. His captors, enraged by his defiance, eventually killed him. But not until he had been made to suffer hours of physical abuse. Alphege is often portrayed with an axe, the instrument that was eventually used to kill him, or as a shepherd protecting his flock.

Follow these links to learn more about the life of Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr 19 April 1012:
A Concise Biography
Wikipedia Entry
Canterbury Cathedral
Today's Lectionary

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This stained glass window in Canterbury Cathedral tells the story of St. Alphege.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Smile for the week.......

Comedian and Episcopalian Robin Williams once described the Episcopal faith (and, in a performance in London, specifically the Church of England) as "Catholic Lite -- same rituals, half the guilt."*
*As quoted in Wikipedia. From "Robin Williams, Live On Broadway!"

Monday, April 16, 2007


Sanctuary Refurbished

The Sanctuary of St. James is currently undergoing a project to repair cracks, old water damage, and paint. The work is being done by Advanced Coatings, Inc., of Elkhart, Indiana, and will take about two weeks.
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All of the scaffolding had to be torn down and the work cleaned up at the end of the first week so that services could be held in the church. Everything was then set up again on Monday the 16th of April, and the work continues.
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How To Find St. James'

St. James' is located at the corner of Sixth Street and E. Lincoln Avenue (State Road 4), on the southwest side, in Goshen, Indiana.

You can find an interactive map and driving directions by following this link to Google maps:
St. James' Interactive Map

Below is a satellite image showing the location of St. James'. The Elkhart County Courthouse is also shown for reference. Click on the image for a larger view.
Click for larger view

Using GPS to find us? The physical address is:
105 S. Sixth Street
Goshen, IN 46528

Coordinates are:
Latitude N41 35.18'
Longitude W85 49.90'

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Clergy, Wardens and Vestry Members

St. James' Episcopal Church Goshen, Indiana
2017 Clergy, Wardens, and Vestry Members

Fr. Larry Biller, Priest-in-Charge

2017 Wardens and Vestry Members:
Diana Pecsi, Vestry; Jayne Bontrager, Vestry; Jim Pecsi, Junior Warden; Father Larry Biller, Priest-in-Charge; Janet Dudley, Vestry; Scott Carnell, Vestry; Steve Dudley, Senior Warden and Treasurer; Charles Wicks, Vestry; Vestry Member not pictured, Marcela Walton

Photos by Janet Dudley, Clerk of the Vestry


Emergency Pastoral Care

Emergency Pastoral Care
If you need pastoral care for any reason, contact Fr. Larry:
(574) 533-4984 (St. James' office)
(574) 457-2178 (All Saints office)
(260) 856-4732 (Home)
(574) 457-6315 (Cell)


Private Communion

Private Communion -
If you are sick, shut-in, or would like to receive this sacrament at home, contact Fr. Larry:
(574) 533-4984 (St. James' office)
(574) 457-2178 (All Saints office)
(260) 856-4732 (Home)
(574) 457-6315 (Cell)


Contact St. James

Contact The Parish Office -
St. James' Episcopal Church
105 South Sixth Street
Goshen, IN 46528

Office: (574) 533-4984

Our office is staffed by volunteers, and hours vary. If there is no answer when you call please leave a message and someone will get back to you.


Website Issues -
Having problems with the website? Suggestions? Compliments? Find any mistakes I should know about?
You can contact the site adminstrator at:
Note: This contact is for issues with the website only, not for other parish business.

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