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Saturday, October 27, 2007


St. James' Weekly - October 28, 2007

Saint James’ Weekly
October 28, 2007

Ephesians 6: 10 – 11: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Dear Friends:

Saint Paul is talking about being strong with God’s power – and that the human effort is inadequate, but God’s power is invincible.

How many times we as humans rely on our own strength and power to get things done!

5:55 @ Saint James’: Please try to attend the first 5:55 @ Saint James’ service on Saturday, December 8th at 5:55 P.M.

Yesterday at Diocesan Convention, Bishop Little talked about “Church Planting”, and how when a new church is built that it’s not as threatening to the new attendees because usually most of the people are new – beginning at a new place in their lives. It’s really not unlike moving to a new town and starting fresh.

Your attendance at this first service will be most welcomed for moral and spiritual support!

Our Diocese is so fortunate to have a spiritual leader as Bishop Little. I’m so impressed with his insight, his vision for our Church, and his personal interaction with people.

We will be starting a Craft Closet for kids ages 3 – 8 Sunday Schools for Saturday night and Sunday mornings. We need all of those creative little things that you keep saving that have potential as a craft item. See Dave S. for details.

Thank you to those who brought candy in for our Halloween trick or treaters this Wednesday evening.

Dave Swartley’s business, Swartley Construction & Home Services recently moved into their new showroom and offices at 310 South Main Street, Goshen. The employees are busy remodeling the front exterior as well as the showroom for a Grand Opening celebration which is scheduled for Saturday, November 17 from 11:00 – 1:00 P.M. The Parish is invited to attend this event.

Jody and Phil’s open house last Sunday was wonderful. Thank you Jody and Phil. It was an honor for all of us to be part of your house blessing!


Dave Swartley
Director of Parish Services & Jimmy’s Place

Friday, October 26, 2007


Euchre Night at St. James' on November 3, 2007

If you like to play euchre, this is the time and the place!

Everyone is invited to join in the fun on Saturday, November 3 for Euchre-Pizza party.

The time is 6:00 p.m. in the upper hall of St. James' Parish Hall. Price is $5.00 per person.

Please contact Bob and Jackie McCormick at 574 533-0376 if you plan to attend, so that we know how much food to order.

Singles or couples are welcome, and we guarantee a good time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's Cheeseball Time!

Cheeseball Making at St. James

Cheeseball production is once again in full swing at St. James'.
The cheeseball committee estimates that we have been making the famous St. James' cheeseballs for at least 45 years now. St. James' cheeseballs are perfect for holiday entertaining, or any time of the year. They also make a great gift. They can be frozen, thawed, and frozen again. So no worries about holiday travel.
This year we will be making approximately 1300 of the delicious treats. We hope to have enough to last through the holidays, but they always go quickly so you'd better get yours now.
Due to rising costs of the ingredients and supplies over the past few years, it is now necessary to raise the price from $5.00 each to $6.00 each. This is the first price increase in many years, and we are sorry to have to do so.
Cheeseballs are available from most of the church members, or by calling the office at (574) 533-4984. If no one is there when you call, please leave a message and we will get back to you about the best time to pick some up.
Our church office is staffed by volunteers, and there isn't always someone there. So if you decide to stop by, please ring the doorbell. If no one answers, try calling the office at the number listed above or Cecelia Cushing at (574) 533-4359 to arrange for pick up.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Thank You, Father Hadley!

This Sunday, October 28th is Father Hadley's last Sunday to be our celebrant before he goes to Texas for the winter. We have had a great summer with him, and we certainly thank him for his pastoral care and kindness. He is a wonderful priest, and we will miss him!


St. James' Weekly - October 21, 2007

St. James' Weekly
October 21, 2007

Dear Friends:

5:55 @ Saint James’

Please note a new time of starting this service: Saturday, December 8th at 5:55 P.M. Please try to initially attend this opening worship service. ###

Congratulations to Clayton Zollinger and the Goshen High School Freshman football team for a great season! ###

We will be starting a Craft Closet for kids ages 3 – 8 Sunday Schools for Saturday night and Sunday mornings. We need all of those creative little things that you keep saving that have potential as a craft item. See Dave S. for details. ###

Volunteers needed to address and stuff envelopes for two mailings. 1. 5:55 Worship service. 2. Jimmy’s Place. Let Dave S. know if you can help. ###

Thanks to Mil Taylor for a donation of a used refrigerator to Jimmy’ Place and 5:55. ###

Thanks to Steve Dudley for replacing some much needed lights in the parking lot. ###

We still need pantry items – please give when and what you can. ###

Jody and Phil’s house blessing is today immediately following Mass. ###


Dave Swartley
Director of Parish Services & Jimmy’s Place

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Sermon for October 21st, 2007

Sermon for October 21st, 2007
St. James - Goshen, IN
Arthur Hadley

We have returned to the long story of the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Today in the first lesson we heard about Jacob returning to the promised land having lived is exile since he stole or a least tricked his father, Isaac, into giving him the birth right of the older son
Esau. You remember that story how Jacob tricked his blind father in to giving him the blessing and birthright by pretending to be the older brother. Anyway, the trickster, Jacob had to flee to live with his mother’s brother. There Jacob fell in love with his uncle’s younger daughter and wanted to marry her. Good old uncle agreed if Jacob would work for him for seven years, but at the wedding it was the older daughter that was the bride. So Jacob worked seven more years in order to marry the girl of his dreams. Well now Jacob wanted to return to his homeland, and claim the birthright that he had tricked his father into giving. So coming to the Jordan river Jacob was about to face his brother Esau coming with 400 men. Jacob assumes that Esau might still be angry about losing his birthright all those years ago, now that Jacob was coming to claim it. Jacob figures that if he divides his herds, and flock and his two wives into two different camps, Esau and his army of 400 might not destroy all that Jacob owns. And then he has a dream and wrestles with God. In the all night wrestling match God changes Jacob’s name to Israel and blesses him. A blessing or oath given while holding “the hollow of a man’s thigh” passed from generation to generation. So in this story God blesses the family of Israel from generation to generation as the family of God. So Jacob, the trickster, and then the tricked, is renamed and blessed by God to be the Family of God. Therefore, the family of Esau is left behind not receiving the inheritance of his father Isaac, and his grandfather Abraham. The children of Jacob, henceforth Israel, get it all. This is a story of the separation of Arabs, descendents of Abraham’s first child, and the descendents of Esau, the Philistines.

Now in the second lesson Paul wrote that “All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching.” First let’s try to understand what Paul is writing about, All Scripture. At the time of Paul there was no “New Testament” and there was no “Old Testament”. At that time there were scriptures… writings including the first five books of what we now call the Bible; these five books are sometimes called the Torah, or the Law. Let’s see if you can name the first five books - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy does not show up until the remnant from the Babylonian captivity return to Jerusalem 3rd century before Jesus was born. Sometimes in the Gospels you read about the Law and the Prophets, and certainly Jesus read from the scroll of the Prophet Isaiah. And certainly Jesus and Paul knew the Psalms, but maybe not just the way we have the psalms in the Bible. The Bible as we know it was not fixed until the 4th century after the death of Jesus and Paul. So we can not be certain what All Scripture to Paul might have been. Torah, some prophets, some psalms.

But anyway all scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching. Paul is not proclaiming infallibility of Scripture. And good grief do not look at the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as a godly example of the good family. What a bunch of liars, murders, thieves, adulters and general sinners the family of God was, and is.

The Bible is not our only source of authority. The Bible can never stand alone. After all while inspired by God, it was written by people and then the scriptures were selected by other people much later. The selection of scripture was based on Tradition and Reason. So Tradition and Reason actually come before Scripture is establishing authority. When the Anglican Church was being formed, reformed from western European Christian traditions, Bishop Richard Hooker formulated a statement on Authority as being equally based on Bible, Tradition and Reason. He alluded to the three legged stool, a great image. Each of the legs must be the same length of the stool will be tipped.

The Church regularly gets into trouble when Authority sits upon a tipped stool giving greater authority to Bible, or Tradition or Reason.

May we always strive for balance.

Thanks Be to God.


Diocese Of Jerusalem's October Newsletter

Dear Missioners, Trustees and Advisory Council,

I want to thank you for your prayers for AFEDJ , Trustee meeting in Los Angeles. I am sending you as an attachment the October , Diocese of Jerusalem's Newsletter. Please print it out an post it on your congregation's or Diocese's bulletin board.
Remember , Our American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem's Sunday is December 9th, 2007. Please speak to your Rector now about remembering the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in your Congregations prayers that Sunday. This is a wonderful opportunity as your Rector to gather an offering.We are also asking the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem to pray for us that Sunday, throughout the Diocese.
To order Brochures(free) and Jerusalem Coin Boxes( 10 for $2.50 , just call the Episcopal Parish Services at 1-800-903-5544. Please have a credit card handy to pay for the postage.
We very much appreciate all you do.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Charles Cloughen, Jr.
President Emeritus

The Diocese of Jerusalem

Saturday, October 13, 2007


St. James' Weekly - October 14, 2007

Saint James’ Weekly
October 14, 2007

Dear Friends:

God has given us the gift of His love (the ultimate sacrifice) and eternal life. As Christians, we have accepted and unwrapped this gift. Now we have the opportunity to wrap it up again and share this gift with others.

The 5:55 Saturday worship service plans are underway. On Saturday, November 17 @ 5:55 – 6:55, there will be a preview worship service with many community guests invited. The Committee needs your help in two ways:

Please plan to attend this initial service for moral and spiritual support. Mark you calendars today!
Please start your “List” of our target person(s) for the 5:55 service complete with names, addresses and phone numbers. Who is our target? Friends, neighbors, and relatives – youth, young families, and older, who don’t attend church or attend sporadically. Make your list, pray for these people, and give to Dave S. or a Committee member. We have nothing to fear and nothing to lose, and everything to gain. This is the most important link, and your only homework besides prayer. Don’t let the dog chew it up!

Bishop Little says we, as Christians and Episcopalians need to Do Whatever It Takes for the sake of Christ and His Church. ###

The Goshen High School Freshman football team (Clayton Zollinger) is undefeated at 8 – 0. Their last game of the season is this coming Thursday at 5:30 P.M. at Foreman Field. I plan to be cheering on the sidelines if anyone would care to join me. ###

We will be starting a Craft Closet for kids ages 3 – 8 Sunday Schools for Saturday night and Sunday mornings. We need all of those creative little things that you keep saving that have potential as a craft item. See Dave S. for details. ###

Volunteers needed to address and stuff envelopes for two mailings. 1. 5:55 Worship service. 2. Jimmy’s Place. Let Dave S. know if you can help. ###

Rudith Sheridan, Bishop Sheridan’s widow, died Friday, and the funeral will be this coming Tuesday. May she rest in peace. ###

We still need pantry items – please give when and what you can. ###

Confirmation Classes continue today at 10:45. ###


Dave Swartley
Director of Parish Services & Jimmy’s Place


Sermon for October 14th, 2007

Sermon for October 14th, 2007
St. James - Goshen, IN
Arthur Hadley

We have heard part of the story of Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. Naomi was married, lived in Bethlehem and had two sons. Both sons married and lived east across the Jordan River in Moab. Naomi’s husband died, and Naomi by custom moved to live with her sons. Both sons died. Again by custom a widowed woman without sons would have to move to her father’s house or one of her brothers, and live as a servant. But Ruth, the daughter-in-law of Naomi, refused to go back to her father’s house and goes back to Bethlehem with Naomi saying the famous line,” Your God is my God, where you die, I will die“.

By Jewish custom, proof of Jewish heritage is from the mother, not the father. For Jesus to be Jewish, his mother Mary had to be proven Jewish. Hence the genealogy of Jesus is shown following Mary’s family in the Gospel of Luke. Strangely, in the Gospel of Matthew, a more Jewish text, the genealogy is from Joseph’s family. In the Ruth story the faith of Naomi passed to her daughter-in-law. Faith is passed from one generation to another. Faith caught, not taught.

So why is the Ruth story of caught faith important enough to be in the Bible? The sweet little story of a old widow being cared for by her dead son’s wife, is nice, but so what.

Jewishness is caught from mother to child. Ruth later married a wealthy man of Bethlehem and they had a son, Jesse. That son could not really be Jewish since his mother was a Moabite. Jesse lived as a faithful Jew, and had many sons. But since Jesse’s mother, Ruth was not really Jewish since she grew up in Moab, Jesse was questionablely Jewish. Jesse’s youngest son was David. So when David was about to be King there was great question if he was really Jewish since his grandmother was a Moabite. Political spin doctors are nothing new; the 10th century BC spin doctors had to have a great story about how the Moabite Grandmother of David became a real Jewish woman. “Your God is my God.” Is the affirmation of a foreigner gaining “afilliative faith” moving to “discerning faith” on to “mature faith.”

In the Gospel, Jesus was walking from Galilee toward Jerusalem and passed through the area of Samaria. By custom Jews did not talk, touch or even look at Samaritans, those awful foreigners. Actually the Samaritans were people who were not taken to Babylon as slaves and had slightly different religious practice than the returned remnant. But the Samaritans were hated by the Jews. While Jesus was going through Samaria, ten people with leprosy came to him seeking to be cleansed from that terrible and contagious disease. Jesus cleansed all ten, but only one thanked him. And the one was a Samaritan. Jesus extended his healing power beyond the Jews. Jesus ministered to those in need even if they were not among the religious community. And the Samaritan thanked him. Jesus said to him “Go you way, your faith has made you well.”

The others with leprosy were cleansed just as the Samaritan. But Jesus said your faith has made you well. We all are cleansed from sin. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. God expressed forgiveness for sins with the death and resurrection of Jesus. But some of us realize that we have been cleansed from sin by Jesus and return to him with thanks. It is that returning with thanks and the expression of faith that makes us Well. All are forgiven, cleansed, but only the ones who return with thanks are made really well.

Faith is extended beyond the family of God, the family of Israel, to Ruth the Moabite, the Samaritan cleansed of leprosy, to the gentile world, to us. Sins are forgiven, come and return thanks and be well by faith in God’s forgiveness and salvation.

Thanks be to God.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Sermon for October 7th, 2007

Arthur Hadley

Habakkuk lived in a terrible time; war, destruction, violence, strife, contention, the law is slack and justice never goes forth. The leaders of the people in Jerusalem had been led away in chains to be slaves in Babylon, the Temple had been destroyed. And even as Habakkuk was speaking, the Chaldeans were about to conquer the Babylonian empire. Life was looking grim, and where was God?

We live in a like time. Babylon is in a most un civil war, suicide bombers killing themselves in order to kill others. Those that are paid to help keep order, are themselves lawless. Burma is suppressing the Buddhist monks who rallied for freedom. Africa is rife with genocide. The world is a frightful place, and Where is God?

But still there is a vision of better times; the vision will never die, it will surely come. The soul of the righteous shall live by faith.

Jesus was asked by his disciples to give them some faith. Give them some of his faith. And Jesus told them that if they have just a tiny bit of faith it would be enough for them to up root a tree and plant it in the sea. Just a tiny bit of faith is enough.

The press is telling of Mother Teresa writing that she does not feel close to God. She sees the poverty, sickness, and suffering and asks, Where is God? But there is that tiny bit of faith, and the soul of the righteous shall live by faith. Even in doubt and despair, even in the dark night of the soul when seeking God can only be a question, “Where is God?” The tiny bit of faith, the size of a mustard seed, is enough. They shall live by faith.

Jesus shared that faith with us. Paul commends Timothy for his sincere faith, a faith that first lived in his grandmother Lois. Lois shared her faith, and that faith was strengthened and renewed by the ministry of Paul. Shared Faith.

As a priest I am expected to teach religious values and beliefs. I can give you information about the Bible, the Church and the world. I can tell you repeatedly what I believe. I ask you to repeat the Creed as a statement of religious belief. Credo - I believe. Knowledge, beliefs are teachable.

Faith is some how given, not taught. Perhaps Caught. Timothy has faith that was first his grandmother Lois’s. And that faith was increased, strengthened, confirmed by Paul.

Somehow even in her dark night of the soul Mother Teresa was able to continue to minister to the terrible poverty, sickness, and degradation. She was able to up root the trees of suffering and throw them into the sea, even when she had only a tiny bit of faith. There are some who hear of Mother Teresa’s doubts, and longing to hear God, and then say she was a hypocrite to continue doing the works of mercy and love for God’s sake. Not at all, it is in those times of doubt and despair that continuing to have hope in God is the true act of Faithfulness.

In these times of awful daily news: from Africa, Burma, Babylon, Washington and the world, we can ask Where is God? And at the same time know that Mother Teresa and Habakkuk in their own times asked the same question. Where is God? And we know the answer from Habakkuk, and Mother Teresa: “He whose soul is not upright shall fail; but the righteous shall live by faith.”

We were made Righteous by Christ, and we were given Faith by Christ, and were are given Salvation by Christ.

Thanks be to God.

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