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Our 158th Year

Saturday, October 13, 2007


St. James' Weekly - October 14, 2007

Saint James’ Weekly
October 14, 2007

Dear Friends:

God has given us the gift of His love (the ultimate sacrifice) and eternal life. As Christians, we have accepted and unwrapped this gift. Now we have the opportunity to wrap it up again and share this gift with others.

The 5:55 Saturday worship service plans are underway. On Saturday, November 17 @ 5:55 – 6:55, there will be a preview worship service with many community guests invited. The Committee needs your help in two ways:

Please plan to attend this initial service for moral and spiritual support. Mark you calendars today!
Please start your “List” of our target person(s) for the 5:55 service complete with names, addresses and phone numbers. Who is our target? Friends, neighbors, and relatives – youth, young families, and older, who don’t attend church or attend sporadically. Make your list, pray for these people, and give to Dave S. or a Committee member. We have nothing to fear and nothing to lose, and everything to gain. This is the most important link, and your only homework besides prayer. Don’t let the dog chew it up!

Bishop Little says we, as Christians and Episcopalians need to Do Whatever It Takes for the sake of Christ and His Church. ###

The Goshen High School Freshman football team (Clayton Zollinger) is undefeated at 8 – 0. Their last game of the season is this coming Thursday at 5:30 P.M. at Foreman Field. I plan to be cheering on the sidelines if anyone would care to join me. ###

We will be starting a Craft Closet for kids ages 3 – 8 Sunday Schools for Saturday night and Sunday mornings. We need all of those creative little things that you keep saving that have potential as a craft item. See Dave S. for details. ###

Volunteers needed to address and stuff envelopes for two mailings. 1. 5:55 Worship service. 2. Jimmy’s Place. Let Dave S. know if you can help. ###

Rudith Sheridan, Bishop Sheridan’s widow, died Friday, and the funeral will be this coming Tuesday. May she rest in peace. ###

We still need pantry items – please give when and what you can. ###

Confirmation Classes continue today at 10:45. ###


Dave Swartley
Director of Parish Services & Jimmy’s Place

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