St. James' Episcopal Church
Goshen, Indiana

Our 158th Year

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


2009 Annual Meeting

On Sunday January 18, 2009, St. James' Parish held it's 150th annual meeting with 21 parishioners present.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious brunch before the meeting.

Fr. Larry, Clayton, and George talk sports in the bullpen during brunch. Clayton and his Grandpa George aren't stupid, by the way. They bailed before the meeting started.

Katie, Chuck, Fr. Larry, Rhoda, and Janet are all smiles as the meeting gets underway.

Fr. Larry Biller conducted the meeting, and gave an inspirational talk about his commitment to St. James and the future of the parish.
The following officers were elected:
Pat Robinson - Senior Warden
Rhoda Moriarty - Junior Warden
Milbourne Taylor - Vestry
Wanda Giddens - Vestry

Members of the parish at the annual meeting.

Chuck Wicks was thanked for his years of service as a parish leader, and Rhoda Moriarty was commended for her accomplishments and the wonderful condition of the church. Vera McConnell and Katie Craig were thanked for their three years of service on the vestry.

Brad, Phil, and Jody enjoy a lighter moment. Must be the treasurer's report.

Katie Craig presented the treasurer's report at the meeting, and committee reports were published in the meeting packets.
Fr. Larry's comments can be found in printed form in the February issue of the Scallop Shell.

Jane and her granddaughter observe the proceedings from a distance.

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