St. James' Episcopal Church
Goshen, Indiana

Our 158th Year

Sunday, February 8, 2009


St. James' Parish News 02-08-09


*We Have A New Email Address -

*Coffee Host Sign-Up - There is a new coffee host sign-up sheet available covering March through August, if you wish to sign up in advance.

*Adopt-a-Bill - The "Adopt-a-Bill" bulletin board is in the upper parish hall. If you have a little extra cash at the end of the week or month, choose a sticky note with a category you wish to contribute to such as; postage, office supplies, discretionary fund, etc. Simply take a note and an envelope from the board, write your name on the note, and enclose the note in the envelope along with a check or cash in the ammount shown on the note. Then simply place the note in the collection plate. You will receive credit for "Adopting-a-Bill" on your contribution statements.

*Housekeeping Duties Begin This Month - There is a monthly sign-up sheet for housekeeping duties in the upper parish hall. Can't do any heavy work? That's okay, because there are plenty of smaller jobs to be done too. Contact Rhoda if you have any questions.

Dates to Remember:

*Tuesday February 10 - Noon Day Prayer Service

*Thursday February 19 - Parish Life Committe Meeting - 4:15 PM

*Thursday February 19 - Vestry Meeting - 5:00 PM

*Tuesday February 24 - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - 5:30 to 7:30 PM
We already have volunteers lined up to cook sausage, but lots more help is needed. Can you lend a hand? If so there is a sign-up sheet located in the narthex. Call the parish office if you have any questions.

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